The Consciousness Renaissance is here!

Everything changed for me the day I heard about Occupy Wall Street. It was 2011, and the first cracks in our power structure erupted out of quiet thoughts and onto the pavement around the world. After twenty-five years of waiting for the idea’s time to come- everything finally activated. The system finally seemed like it was possible to transform.

The call became clear: Act in truth. Protect beauty. Celebrate existence. Radiate light. Seek Unity. 

I named this home for my work Left Side Constellation after seven beauty marks that trail from my left eye down to my left ankle. Since childhood I would connect these dots, as if drawing a constellation in the night sky. Today it is like a magical imprint that foretold a life story that would let loose the imagination when exploring the relationship between the microcosm of life on earth, and the macrocosm of existence in the rest of the cosmos.

This collection largely pays homage to the art of the essay. But not like the essays we’re currently bred to dread. Rather, it is like in the 16th century when this long form writing originated that was more about expressing ideas through writing in order to figure something out. It wasn’t so much about proving an argument with supporting claims as we think of it today.

I’d like to tell you the story of what is heard when listening with intention to the world. I am a conscious explorer of topics like world politics and the alternative re-imagining of, love and dating and what that even means, self-actualization and the awakening, the connections and intersections of art, science, nature and spirit, and the paths, journeys and purposes of life.

These writings may be long, but they are full. These thoughts are merely the embers of a world aflame.


“Man, as the most beautiful and perfect work of God, has a (…) more harmonic bodily structure than other creatures, and contains all numbers, measures, weights, movements, elements, and everything, he is the most sublime masterpiece, come to perfection (…)” There is no part of the human body “that does not correspond to a sign of the zodiac, a star, an intelligence, a divine name in the idea of God himself. The whole form of the human body is round(…)”

–Agrippa von Nettesheim